(The Umja is not only be used for PS/2 compatible mice, but for a big types of USB HID mice.)
By pressing the left button of the mouse, (or by pressing the fire button of the joystick)  the Umja will automatically switch on.
The sensitivity mouse movement is changed with the middle mouse button, after update 28-02-2017.

The core of the Umja is a powerfull ARM® 32-bit Cortex-M4 210 DMIPS microcontroller.
The USB port is a high speed USB 2.0.
It is also possible to upgrate the firmware yourself,  with the included male-male USB cable and Windows Software.

   Use this cable only for this application !


Screenshot of the  Windows Software from STmicroelectronics DfuSe Demo 3.0.5:

The Umja is compatible with a big number of HID mouses.

The firmware is still under construction to expand the possiblities, also because there are some types of mouses, that not working with this firmware drivers. That will change in the near future.