available for MSX & CPC


 MSX version  (RRP)  €69,- (excl. shipping cost) 

CPC version (RRP)  €59,- (excl. shipping cost) 


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  1. Q: Would it be compatible with the Sunrise MP3 cartridge ? .... A: Yes for the most part. However, the SE-ONE emulates the Sunrise mp3 card, the chipset is different. The intension is to use the available software (Symbos, Sunrise) 
  2. Q: I just heard that the cartridge will also have the radio in it!....  A: Yes, there is a onboard FM radio chip, this FM radio can be addressed with an AT command set (example: you can set a frequency  type via port &h20     "AT+FMFREQ=89.3"
  3.  If it's pure IO based like the MP3MSX, I will order more than one item..... A: Yes, it is IO compatible with sunrise MP3. When still bug(s) occur, the cartridge is simply updateable  through USB  DFU. 
  4. Q: is it exactly the same design as the Sunrise MP3 cartridge?  A: NO, only the chip is the same, the TDA8425. In the near future, another it will be replaced by another DSP chip.
  5. Q: will the mp3 cartridge have a plastic case, or is a nude board? ..... A: yes, it will be sold in a plastic case!
  6. Q: What does the (mini) radio option? Does it add D A B ++ or FM?  ......A: Interesting question, I've investigated this, but I cannot get to the NXP chipset. I will keep this in mind :) For now it adds FM.
  7. Q: There is interest in more than 10 cartridges, so are there only 10 made at first or maybe there could be made 20 ? ....A: the number is 10 PCB’s for the first batch. I would like to have everything done one day, but you will understand that this cannot be done. Initially, the PCB’s will be tested with playinfo , and Symbos / SymAmp
    When the SE-ONE is complete tested , I want to deliver all cartridges there is no limit.
  8. Q: the cartridge would work under Symbos directly like the sunrise mp3 will, so there’s no need for re writing stuff like drivers and so? .......A: No there are no other drivers needed. Update patches, microcontroller firmware,  and another firmware is only updated with the USB DFU method , look questions 3
  9. Q: Can the SE-ONE receive de public band of france (66-88 Mhz) and (118-136 Mhz) ...A: It has not been tested but, the range of the FM receiver (TEA5767) is: 76-108 Mhz. Possible wil is the range wider when you set manual de internal PLL value.  please read the pdf manual from the tea5767. (home->support->se-one->manual tea5767 
  10. Q: The spectrum analyzer don't work. ...A The firmware for the spectrum analyzer has yet to be written.


 CPC  questions:


  •  Q: Is the SE-ONE card directly for the CPC (with MX4 connector or Centonics?) or does it need the AMSDAP card to run with the CPC?..... A: SE-ONE (MSX)  can be used on the CPC with an AMSDAP slotexpander. This AMSDAP ensures that the signals are transformed in the right way.. the SE-ONE (CPC)  (see photo above)   is made for the CPC and can be used whit the Mother X4 board or AMSDAP (CPC slot)