available for MSX & CPC


 MSX version  (RRP)  €69,- (excl. shipping cost) 


Due to the arrival of the Symbiface III, the SE-ONE / CPC is no longer produced

An MP3 chip has been installed on the Symbiface III.




About the SE-ONE:

The SE-ONE cartridge, (on its two variations, MSX and CPC) started as a clone of the 2007 Sunrise MP3 cartridge, but has been enhanced over the original, because now it is able to play a wide variety of music files, and incorporates a FM tuner.
The original Sunrise MP3 cartridge was oriented to medium-high skilled users that could make their own applications, because its true potential has to be exploited by machine code programs writing and reading the Z80 ports.
There where some applications for the cartridge on these years, but the main supporter of the device was Prodatron with his then promising SymbOS operative system.
This enhanced version of the original MP3 cartridge is special because it is compatible with the old standard control but adds an affordable new control system based on AT(Hayes) commands that can even be used on Basic programs. On the support section you can find some examples, for MSX, CPC or Enterprise Basic.
One of the drawbacks of the original cartridge is that it needs the Z80 processor to carry the MP3 data from the storage to the cartridge, and this wastes a lot of processor time. Now the SE-ONE adds a new MP3 mode, MP3B and its own USB port. The Z80 only has to send an AT+MSDPLAY=FILE command to the cartridge, and is freed of any work during the reproduction of the file on the USB-Stick MSD plugged in, only to check if the song has ended. The FM tuner acts the same, it has its own mode named FM, and remains tuned on the same frequency until an incoming AT command changes the frequency.
But the main attractive of this device is its SymbOS compatibility, already commented. There is already an application to control the tuner while executing other SymbOS programs, and probably soon the MP3B mode will be included on Symamp, the SymbOS music player.
It comes on a low profile cartridge case on the MSX variation, and is provided with internal sound, an external stereo jack base, the mentioned USB port and an aerial antenna.
Soon a MSX slot adapter will be available for Enterprise 128 users, provided they own a bus expander, as the adapter transforms a MSX I/O cartridge on a full working Enterprise card extension.

Written by Gustavo.



  1. Q: Would it be compatible with the Sunrise MP3 cartridge ? .... A: Yes for the most part. However, the SE-ONE emulates the Sunrise mp3 card, the chipset is different. The intension is to use the available software (Symbos, Sunrise) 
  2. Q: I just heard that the cartridge will also have the radio in it!....  A: Yes, there is a onboard FM radio chip, this FM radio can be addressed with an AT command set (example: you can set a frequency  type via port &h20     "AT+FMFREQ=89.3"
  3.  If it's pure IO based like the MP3MSX, I will order more than one item..... A: Yes, it is IO compatible with sunrise MP3. When still bug(s) occur, the cartridge is simply updateable  through USB  DFU. 
  4. Q: is it exactly the same design as the Sunrise MP3 cartridge?  A: NO, only the chip is the same, the TDA8425. In the near future, another it will be replaced by another DSP chip.
  5. Q: will the mp3 cartridge have a plastic case, or is a nude board? ..... A: yes, it will be sold in a plastic case!
  6. Q: What does the (mini) radio option? Does it add D A B ++ or FM?  ......A: Interesting question, I've investigated this, but I cannot get to the NXP chipset. I will keep this in mind :) For now it adds FM.
  7. Q: There is interest in more than 10 cartridges, so are there only 10 made at first or maybe there could be made 20 ? ....A: the number is 10 PCB’s for the first batch. I would like to have everything done one day, but you will understand that this cannot be done. Initially, the PCB’s will be tested with playinfo , and Symbos / SymAmp
    When the SE-ONE is complete tested , I want to deliver all cartridges there is no limit.
  8. Q: the cartridge would work under Symbos directly like the sunrise mp3 will, so there’s no need for re writing stuff like drivers and so? .......A: No there are no other drivers needed. Update patches, microcontroller firmware,  and another firmware is only updated with the USB DFU method , look questions 3
  9. Q: Can the SE-ONE receive de public band of france (66-88 Mhz) and (118-136 Mhz) ...A: It has not been tested but, the range of the FM receiver (TEA5767) is: 76-108 Mhz. Possible wil is the range wider when you set manual de internal PLL value.  please read the pdf manual from the tea5767. (home->support->se-one->manual tea5767 
  10. Q: The spectrum analyzer don't work. ...A The firmware for the spectrum analyzer has yet to be written.


 CPC  questions:


  •  Q: Is the SE-ONE card directly for the CPC (with MX4 connector or Centonics?) or does it need the AMSDAP card to run with the CPC?..... A: SE-ONE (MSX)  can be used on the CPC with an AMSDAP slotexpander. This AMSDAP ensures that the signals are transformed in the right way.. the SE-ONE (CPC)  (see photo above)   is made for the CPC and can be used whit the Mother X4 board or AMSDAP (CPC slot)




 CPC version: